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Firstly, daily management of nearly all Select Vacation Club resorts is in the hands of management companies belonging to the Intercorp Group and the management of all the services provided by Select Vacation Club, reservations etc., is the responsibility of the Founder Member of SVC, a wholly owned subsidiary company of the Intercorp Group of companies.

As a Group of companies, Intercorp was founded in 1989 and al the present moment counts 14,000 active families as members in its resorts.
In addition, Intercorp and Select Vacation Club provide consumers extra security through the guarantee of First National Trustee Company (FNTC), an independent trustee that specializes in holiday properties and the administration of resorts. As trustee, FNTC holds and safeguards the deeds of properties owned by the Intercorp Group, including those in the Select Vacation Club.

Thus, FNTC prevents the properties from being mortgaged or sold to third parties. Indeed, purchasers' money is paid to the trustee, who does not release it until it is able to ensure that all legal and administrative steps have been fulfilled.

FNTC determines the number of SVC points that can be sold, and it also ensures that the Club and the resorts are managed in accordance with their respective legal constitutions, management agreements, and any applicable laws.


"Intercorp sets itself high standards as an independent company. FNTC is gratifyingly impressed by the professionalism and integrity with which Intercorp manages its resorts and directs its business. FNTC acts as a trustee for Select Vacation Club and provides services to other resorts within the Group. We look forward to continued collaboration with Intercorp providing its customers with the highest standards of quality today and in the future."

General Manager
First National Trustee Company

"The Organization for Timeshare in Europe is the official association for timeshare, and compliance with its code of conduct ensures that its affiliates operate with transparency and integrity in serving their members. It also ensures that all transactions are conducted in accordance with the protections laid down by the law.
As a founder member, the Intercorp Group of Companies has always played a responsible role in the development of the industry, continuing to offer its customers and potential customers a broad group of quality resorts, supported by high standards of customer service."

Secretary General


""Select Vacation Club is now one of the principal Points clubs in Europe, both in terms of the number of members and in terms of the quality of its resorts. RCI and Intercorp have worked together for more than a decade to provide our customers with the best holiday experiences.
RCI is proud to be able to provide booking and exchange services to SVC customers.
We are pleased to be partners with Intercorp in our aim of constantly improving customer service, in order to promote the advantages and benefits of holiday ownership to a growing number of users and raise, by means of example, the standards of quality of the entire industry."

General Manager
RCI Europe




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