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  How to save Points.
After booking your holidays, it is quite likely that you will have some points left over, or that you will need more Points to enjoy some special holidays next year. For these cases, your membership in Select Vacation Club enables you to save some or all of your points assigned in a year to be used in the following year.

For example, if a member with 48,000 Points wishes to save 24,000 Points in the year 2003 for the following year, the member must call the Member Service Line of Select Vacation Club. Thus, the member will have 24,000 to use in 2003 and 72,000 to use in 2004.

Unused points in any year will be automatically transferred to the following year and added to your annual points quota. You can use these saved Points to enjoy a special holiday in the future. And remember that before saving the desired number of Points, you must pay the administration fee for those points.
How to borrow Points.
You will probably wish to enjoy some special holidays that require more Points than you have at a given time. Perhaps there is an upcoming birthday or anniversary. Here, you have two choices.
You can acquire additional Points, thus increasing your annual points quota, or you can borrow Points from your assignment for the following year.
If your booking is made with Points from the following year and you decide to cancel that booking, your Points are automatically restored for use in the corresponding year. You do not lose them. You can borrow Points at any time during the year. You only have to pay a deposit on the administration fee for those Points.
    Our Member Service Line will count up the Points borrowed and book the desired holidays for you.
Remember that the Points you borrow will be deducted from your quota for the following year.

For example, if a member has acquired 48,000 Points wishes in 2003 to use 12,000 extra Points borrowed from 2004, the member can call Select Vacation Club's Member Service Line at any time in 2003 to arrange for the transfer of those 12,000 Points. Thus, the member will have 60,000 Points to be used in 2003 and 36,000 Points in 2004.

Transferring Points.
You can transfer Points to another member of Select Vacation Club at any time in the Year of Use. To do so, one only need notify one of the Travel Consultants of Select Vacation Club. You can also acquire a Guest Certificate that will enable you to share your holidays with non-member friends or family.

For further information, Do not hesitate to consult with us.

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