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Enjoy a new world of holidays.

How does your membership work?

To fully benefit from your membership in Select Vacation Club, you should know how to use your points in order to gain the greatest possible advantage for your holidays.

What are Points?
A Point is the currency that determines the value and price of all Select Vacation Club holidays. In the Club, each resort, each unit of accommodation has a value measured in terms of points. Thus, you do not pay for your holidays with money but with the Points which you possess.

How and when do I get Points every year?
Every year, on the same date as your inscription, you will be credited with the quota of Points you have obtained. That is, if you became a member in March, you will be credited with Points on 1 March every year and you can use them until 1st March of the following year. This is known as the Year of use.

What happens if I do not use all my Points?
Your Points do not lose value, so if you cannot travel in a certain year, there's nothing to worry about. You can use them the following year. In order to increase your holiday opportunities without having to purchase new Points, you can accumulate unused Points until one year later. You can also bring forward the use of Points from the following year.

How do I know how many Points I need?
There are Points value tables included in the brochures that have been created to show you the number of Points needed for any particular holiday. Every year you will receive a new Points calendar containing all the information on the Points value of all the new Select Vacation Club resorts, along with value variations in certain weeks in the Select Vacation Club.  
  For example, the dates of the Easter week or other special holiday weeks change from one year to the next. This means that the number of Points varies as well. Each booking has a certain cost in Points.
Depending on the Points you have, you can decide if you want to use all your points for a long holiday or use them in several short trips. Every luxury apartment or hotel room in each of the superb resorts affiliated to the Club has a different value in Points. This value is based on the following factors:
- Season
As you will be able to see with the points table valuations, each type of apartment can have up to ten different Points values depending on the time of year.
- Size and quality of accommodation.We have a broad selection of accommodation to choose from, with different sizes and features. Everything from luxury hotel rooms
  for two to three bedroom apartments for eight. The smaller the accommodation chosen, the fewer points needed to reserve it.
- Resort category, location and overall facilities.
Although all Club resorts have comprehensive, high-quality facilities, some offer even more complete and luxurious features than others, thus boosting their category, or they are located in a special, particularly attractive place. These factors also raise their value in Points.
- Length of holiday.
The minimum stay is presently three nights. But, as always, you decide if you wish to stay longer in one of our resorts, depending on the number of Points you have. As you can see in the booking tables, all the factors described above are reflected in the number of Points required for each type of accommodation, making it easy for you to plan your holidays with Select Vacation Club.

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