Select Vacation Club
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  A lifetime solution.
Select Vacation Club offers, most of all, great flexibility. Your membership will stay with you for a lifetime and can be adapted to your changing needs: whether it's a holiday for two, with the whole family, or with friends.

Vacation clubs based on points, like Select Vacation Club, not only provide greater flexibility and freedom of choice, but are much fairer systems for determining the relationship of economic value on which the exchange between resorts is based.

Another great advantage, one which is controlled by Select Vacation Club, is the relationship between supply and the demand for accommodation available to members. Because a more flexible and fairer system of exchange, with a multiple of variables in the values, is insufficient if it does not have resorts and sufficient availability in destinations where members truly wish to go.

With Select Vacation Club you can count on resorts and destinations of quality and a wide and sufficient selection of accommodation at each resort, making it much easier to spend your holidays where and when you wish. And more resorts and accommodation units will be added as acquisitions are made in destinations requested by members.

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