Select Vacation Club
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Enter here to pay your maintenance fees. What do you remember about your last holidays?
Was the accommodation large enough? Was everything in perfect order from the start?. Was the beach quite as near as the agency had claimed?. Did small inconveniences come close to spoiling your holidays?
In short: Did you enjoy yourself as much as you deserved or did you feel you had wasted your money?
Ever wonder why?
This all happens most likely because of the package holiday system. You pack your bags and go off to spend a couple of weeks in a hotel or apartment. You are just one of millions of tourists who go there no more than once.
Tour operators know this. And they know that once there, you have few options and not much energy to protest at anything that is wrong; that ultimately you will accept any inconvenience as something inevitable on a package holiday. So why would they bother providing better service if they will never see you again?
Quite the opposite of what Select Vacation Club offers: a revolutionary holiday concept. 
      For Select Vacation Club, you are not a one-off customer.
You are a member. And that demands more from us.

Forget all those problems. Once and for all. Because at Select Vacation Club we do not want a relationship with you for only a few days. We want you to join us for a long-lasting relationship. And we know that this can only be achieved if we consistently meet the standard of satisfaction you expect. Only if, year after year with your family or friends, you enjoy what you have paid for, to your fullest satisfaction and without inconvenience.


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