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Luxury in paradise

The island of Tenerife has everything you ever looked for in your holidays. Year round sun, beaches, fun, tax-free shopping and people who will do whatever they can to make your stay as pleasant as possible. And in the midst of this paradise, you will be looked after in the best way as a member of El Marqués Palace, one of the most luxurious and elegant complexes in Tenerife, to where you will always want to return.

El Marqués Palace, a new and exclusive addition to the El Marqués resort, is within walking distance of the picturesque fishing village and beach of Puerto Santiago, in the southeast of the island.
It is also near the Playa de Las Américas, one of the most famous and most visited beaches of this paradise island from where you can explore the neighbouring countryside on horseback, make an exciting jeep safari, go out in the Atlantic on a boat accompanied by the dolphins, and even whales, that frequent these waters. These are things that in other places simply do not exist.

Services and equipment
Along with Club El Marqués and El Marqués Sporting Club,  
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  El Marqués Palace makes up one of the most attractive and complete complexes on the island. However, without doubt, the Palace is the jewel in the crown. That is because everything, from the decoration and services of the interior of its spacious apartments, to the general facilities, is of exceptional quality. Of course, just for being a member, you have access to the sporting and recreational facilities of the Sporting Club El Marqués. And do not forget, a few kilometres away, you have a casino, a golf course and restaurants, bars and discos where you can extend the fun into the early hours. El Marqués Palace is the perfect choice for those who, like you, always look for the highest standards for their holidays.

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